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We are very pleased to announce you that the RIMBA ORGANIZATION has received a support of Rp 15 million ( around 1050 euros) from Le Grand Durian which includes 6 French non-profit organizations in Jakarta (Jakarta Accueil, Union des Français à l’Étranger, Association des Amis Francophones, Pasar Malam, Pour les Enfants de la Rue et Association Français du Monde). Funds donated to Rimba are coming from the sale of a guidebook, edited and published by these 6 associations : Le Grand Durian – Jakarta Pratique.
Because the topic of this year is “Facilitate and improve the living conditions of the most underprivileged people“, Rimba will use these funds as follows:


Purchase of school supplies needed for the 260 kids of the primary school of Sungai Pisang village and the 72 kids of 1st and 2nd classes of the primary school of Sungai Pinang village.


Purchase of 50 educational books (English / Indonesian), to raise awareness among children about the local environmental issues (water pollution, deforestation, poaching, waste, intensive fishing…). These books are made and sold by Green-books Organization.


A BIG THANK YOU to all of the organizations of Le Grand Durian and to the French community of Jakarta for their generosity. Also a big thank you to Jacqueline Isakov who represented the project supported by Rimba in Jakarta.


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