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Le Grand Durian
Project “Scool for all”
1050 euros
Butech Engineering
Corporate Sponsorship
Projects “School for all” and “Clean villages”
3000 euros/year
Watson-Marlow SAS
Project “Clean villages”
1000 euros
Rencontres au Bout du Monde
Project “Clean villages”
2000 euros
Lush – charitable giving
Projects “Clean villages” and “Inherited forest”
8000 euros
Univet Nature
Projects “Inherited forest”
4000 euros
Projects “Inherited forest”
500 euros

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Thanks to them, the Rimba project was launched !

A very big thank you to all the generous people who have contributed financially to the launch of the project : Christof Hullaert, Elodie Lacut, Fabien De Bellis, Anne Diévart et Nicolas Gilbert, Anabelle Cuignet, Thierry Destenay, Olivia Renou, Gaëtan Droc, Mathilda Blondy, Jean-Philippe Pichaut, Laëtitia Gardès, Brigitte Courtois, Martine Bès, Jacques Étienne, Bernard Lanau, La Famille Rossignol, Alexis Dereeper, Martine Renier, Marc Seguin, Cathy Dapon-Pigatto, Fanchon Divol, Isabelle Bourrié, Christophe Steffan, Corinne Poitout, Colette Candaux, Marie Diévart, Patricia Coenen, Julie et Yoan Moya, Corinne Lanau, Pauline Etienne, Matthieu Comte, Xavier Argout, Nelly Blain, Christine Zurecki, Anna Cohuet, Angélique Berger, Athina Triantaffylides, Geneviève George, Emy Assam, Thibault Millon, Sophie Caillon, Pierre Dandoy, Patricia Turquay, Coralie CoMinh, Marie-Odile Revel-Lescuyer, Christelle Sire, Thierry Boucaud, Marie-Françoise Gautier, Catherine Carasco-Lacombe, Nathalie Bech-Palmer, Sylvia Martin, Anne-Marie et Jerôme Petrop, Ronan Rivallan, Claire Lanaud and all the colleagues of the building 3 of CIRAD of Montpellier !

A special thank you to my father, Bernard Lanau and a couple of friends (who wished to remain anonymous) for their precious and enormous help in this adventure. Without their contribution, the Rimba project would still be a dream. Thus, having not find strong enough words to express our gratitude, we hope that a simple Thank You will touch them as it comes from the bottom of our heart.

Our sincere thanks to Yoann Moya for his personal investment in the creation of the Rimba logo and the realization of this wonderful website.

Switzerland is also represented by Charles Matile that we sincerely thank for having carried out the architectural plans of the project’s infrastructures.

Thanks to Uda War, our foreman and his team for their superb achievements.

Thanks to Diki, Plangko, Don and to Reno’s father who worked hard and tirelessly on the field throughout the construction of the project.

Our thanks also go to the community of the village of Sungai Pisang and particularly to the Youth Organization for their support to our project and their confidence in the establishment of partnerships.

Finally, we thank from all of our heart our families and friends for their support without flaw, their advices and help.

They contribute to the website and more !

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    Leonora Sophie, Sam Ballman, Sarah Margono, Razali Samsudin and Elliot Laloi

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