Raise awareness of children and young on environmental protection and make school available to everyone

Indonesia is the 3rd largest CO2 emitter in the world. A large share of this pollution is related to deforestation. Indonesia has the highest and fastest rate of forest and mangrove loss in the world. The country hosts ¼ of mangrove forests globally, but it has already lost 40% of it. When it comes to the ocean, several marine zones have been overexploited and the coral reefs are threatened by bleaching, blast fishing, rising water temperature and water pollution due to plastics, sewerage water, oil and toxic chemicals.

Each of these environmental issues can be traced back locally. In villages, such as in Sungai Pinang :

Streets are littered with garbage

Pesticides and artificial fertilizers usage in ricefields is abusive

Rivers are polluted and clogged

Neighboring forests and coral reefs are mismanaged

All these environmental issues directly impact the health of the villagers, fishing and agriculture yields, drinking water quality as well as the future of the children.

While as a country, Indonesia is experiencing wealth and global consumption growth, Indonesia’s macro economical policies encourage natural resources depletion rather than fair and durable exploitation. The more the Indonesian nation develops its economy, the larger the negative externalities on environment whereas the awareness and the knowledge of the population to its environment ranges from limited to non-existing.

For the long-term protection of the tropical rainforest, the mangroves, the seabeds and for a safer future for children, environmental education is a vital necessity as well as ensuring access to school for everyone.

That’s why Rimba has decided to build a “Rumah Pendidikan Lingkungkan” (Environmental Education Center) for the children and the young in Sungai Pinang village.

In the center, the children and the young will have access to :

A green library

Indonesian and English language books addressing various environmental issues (air and water pollution, deforestation, overfishing, poaching …).

Board games

Games designed for education and sensibilization of the children to environmental issues.


Available for the young continuing school in town (high school and university) and who cannot afford a computer for their work.

School supplies

Sold at no-profit in order to allow every children to attend school all year without interruption.

Cultural and artistic activities

Painting, traditional dances and so on… Plus screening of documentary films about environment.


For the environment

In order to accompany children in their education, special day events will be regularly arranged, with NGOs members presenting the environmental thematics he is involved in.

In the environment

Every presentation will be followed by a physical action on the field : village cleaning, tree planting, mangrove restoration, involvement in plastics sorting before recycling into gas, set up of artificial nests for hornbills…

About the environment

Thanks to the materials and activities available for children in our environmental education center.

Intends to improve values, ethics, problem-solving capacities to drive action.

Intend to improve knowledge, awareness, attitude and skills.

The “House of Environment” being located right next to our plastic recycling facility, children will be able to freely visit it to see how the machine works and to discuss with Sisra, our field coordinator in charge of the recycling center.


This project is already funded up to 3000€/year by Butech Engineering. This donation is large enough to sustain the yearly running costs of the project such as educational outings, the salaries of the two people in charge of the centre, the maintenance of the premises …

We still need 2000 euros/year for :

  • Enrich the library,
  • Buy educational material,
  • Organise cultural events…

Support environmental education

They support this project

Butech Engineering
Stephane Bussing

Previous project

For 5 years, and thanks to our sponsor Butech Engineering, Rimba has distributed every year the necessary school supplies to the 500 children of the elementary school of the villages of Sungai Pinang and Sungai Pisang. Discover below the videos of these memorable days of distribution !