Acquisition of 1.3 Ha of forest

We are proud to announce that the Rimba Non-profit Organisation has just acquired its 1st hectare of forest!

Donation: 2 notebooks for Rimba Non-Profit Organisation

Fabienne and Maur donate two laptops to our non-profit organisation ! A huge thank you to them ...

Rimba non-profit organisation is made official in Indonesia

Rimba non-profit organisation has just been officially legalized in Indonesia...

Donation : a new gong for a Mentawai clan

The non-profit organisation "Rencontres au Bout du Monde" supports "Rimba" NPO to finance a gong for the benefit of the Aman Tiru clan in Mentawai.

The mystery of the Rafflesia and the discovery of 10 other flowers !

The blooming of the Rafflesia in Rimba + 10 other Rafflesia identified + a unique discovery ! A complete article with a lot of pictures to read absolutely.

Discovery of a Rafflesia at Rimba !

Discover the Rafflesia and other flowers with some pictures.

Rimba in the press !

Publication of an article about Rimba in the magazine LEPETITJOURNAL.COM

Donation of 1000 euros for Rimba non-profit organisation !

The company Watson-Marlow France has donated us 1000 euros for our project of "Community Guesthouse" !

Rimba on the “Team Curious” blog.

Check out an article and pictures about Rimba on the Vi's blog "Team Curious".

The restaurant is getting a new look

Repair and expansion of the ecolodge restaurant.

Article about wildlife at Rimba

Discover in pictures the wildlife of Rimba by Olivier Horiot.

VIDEO : day trip to the waterfalls

Watch the video of the Doudoux about their day trip to the waterfalls of Sungai Pinang !

2 new VIDEOS about RIMBA !

Watch the 2 new videos of Rimba, on land and under water!

Videos/Pictures : Donation of school supplies 2017

The donation of school supplies 2017 in VIDEO and PICTURES....

New rooms !

The new rooms - Lumba lumba rooms - are ready to welcome you !

Trip Advisor : Certificate of Excellence 2017

Certificate of Excellence 2017 for the Rimba Ecolodge...

Camera trap : Porcupine and Mouse-deer

Unpublished pictures of a Sumatran Porcupine and a Lesser Mouse-deer, taken by camera trap at Rimba Ecolodge...

Rimba in the blog of “500 Days off”

Sofian and Ilse offer us a very nice article about Rimba in their blog "500 Days off" !

Rimba in the press !

Rimba Ecolodge in the magazine "Colours" of the Garuda Indonesia international airline (September 2016)...

Video : the Ecolodge and its surroudings

Vincent family offers us 3 videos about Rimba Ecolodge and its surroundings !

Distribution of school supplies in Sungai Pisang village

As part of the children's schooling assistance program, the RIMBA organization annualy distributes free school supplies...

6 new species of birds

Discover the 6 new species of birds identified at Rimba by Jérémy Gremion, Ornithologist...

New mammal identified

A Small-toothed Palm Civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata ssp. trivirgata) was identified on the area of Rimba...

Release of a Loris

This Loris was rescued by Rimba on July 9th after having lived 1 month in a tiny shelter...

Our replacements !

If you come at Rimba between June 10th and July 4th you will not find Nadège and Reno but their replacement...

New identified species : Sunda Colugo

A Sunda Colugo was identified in the area of Rimba by Yoan Braud, Entomologist during...
certificat d'excellence 2016

New article

A new article about Rimba is published on ISTANIA website : Istania…

A new support

We are very pleased to announce you that the RIMBA ORGANIZATION…

Release of a Buffy Fish-Owl

On the 1st September, in Bungus…


The Non-profit organisation of the week – Ensemble pour les Animaux

Créée en 2012, Rimba est une association de loi 1901, reconnue d’intérêt général, agissant sur le terrain à Sumatra, en Indonésie, pour la conservation des espèces sauvages et...
27 March 2018/by Nadège Rimba


De nos vies d’expatriés, on retiendra nos rencontres et certaines personnes nous marqueront plus que d’autres par leur parcours étonnant. C’est certainement le cas de Nadège Lanau, fondatrice de l’association et de l’écolodge Rimba...
25 January 2018/by Nadège Rimba

Colours – Garuda Inflight Mag

As the boat eases into the shallow bay at Rimba Ecolodge, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re landing on a deserted beach...
1 September 2016/by Nadège Rimba

Guide – Lonely Planet 2016

Rimba Ecolodge is an intimate French-Indonesia-run place reachable by boat from the mainland...
16 January 2016/by Nadège Rimba

7Officiel – Languedoc/Roussillon

Agée de 34 ans et originaire de Montpellier, Nadège Lanau est la fondatrice et directrice du Rimba Ecolodge, une guesthouse écologique...
14 December 2015/by Nadège Rimba

Graine d’infos – Cirad

Tout quitter et repartir à zéro. Tout le monde en rêve un jour. Nadège Lanau, scientifique à l’UMR Agap au Cirad de 2003 à 2012, l’a fait...
5 May 2015/by Nadège Rimba

Jak’ a dit – Jakarta Accueil

C’est un coup de coeur qui nous a amenés à vous présenter le projet de l’association Rimba. Pour rencontrer les fondateurs, Nadège et Reno, il a fallu...
5 May 2014/by Nadège Rimba