Our Beach Huts

The rooms are equipped with cupboards and mosquito nets are provided for all beds.

We provide sheets, blankets, pillows, shower towels (1 per person) and toilet paper.

The terraces are facing the sea and they all have a small lounge.

Furnishings made from rattan, bamboo and ruyung come from local crafts.

To save energy, the huts are neither air-conditioned nor equipped with fans. But don’t worry, because with the fresh air of the sea and the nearby jungle that are bringing down the night temperatures to 18-22°C, these devices are not necessary. Instead, we provide blankets for cooler nights!


Beware, the Rimba Ecolodge is neither a hotel nor a resort. This is a Guesthouse (or B&B).

A small capacity with a few bungalows on the beach

A family atmosphere and shared meals

Local cuisine with fresh products

A common living room for meeting new people

No room service or daily room cleaning…

And your holidays turns into a responsible trip !

Support our schooling assistance program for children by donating school supplies.

Why is it better to buy supplies locally?

  • because I help local businesses,
  • because with the same amount, I will be able to buy 5 to 10 times more school supplies in Indonesia,
  • because I avoid overloading my suitcase during my trip.


Our land has an area of approximately 2.5 hectares. It is bordered on one side by a beach 300m long which looks out onto the Indian Ocean and on the other, the chain of the Bukit Barisan mountains which are covered with a dense rainforest. The forest adjacent to our site is an area of about 400 hectares which was given the protected area status since 2012.

It is connected by a corridor to an even bigger forest of more than tens of thousands of hectares, among which 60 000ha also have the protected area status. It’s made up of 70% of primary forest.

Can’t decide between the sea or the jungle ? So you should visit us !

 By coming to Rimba Ecolodge you will be thrown into the heart of the jungle of Sumatra while still being able to enjoy the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that the Indian Ocean offers !

Our location is perfect for those who want to watch wildlife. We often have the chance to see many primates such as Silvered Langurs (Trachypithecus c. cristatus), Sumatran Surili (Presbytis m. melalophos), Long-tailed Macaques (Maccaca f. fascicularis) or Agile Gibbons (Hylobates agilis) as well as wild pigs, deers, monitor lizards, otters, pangolins…

Bird lovers will appreciate the large variety of birds nesting on our site, like eagles, hornbills, kingfishers… On the sea side, you will discover and observe numerous fish species, rays and turtles… that inhabit the waters around our site.

32 species
77 species
marine & terrestrial
52 species
& other reef creatures
828 species