The RIMBA PROJECT is a combination of responsible ecotourism and a non-profit organisation which aims at protecting endangered species in Indonesia and their habitat as well as helping local communities :


The RIMBA ECOLODGE is an eco friendly lodge that allows tourists to experience the heart of the Sumatran jungle whilst being able to enjoy the white sandy beaches facing the Indian Ocean. The aim of the Rimba Ecolodge is to allow tourists to discover the local flora and fauna of West Sumatra and to become familiar with the local environmental issues through jungle treks and visits to the surrounding islands. The Rimba Ecolodge also intends to contribute to the development of the local economy through the creation of new jobs, partnerships (food, cultural…) and the promotion of local handicrafts.


The RIMBA NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION runs a project that helps with the conservation of Indonesian wildlife and their marine and forest habitat. The Rimba Organisation also wishes to support the local people, especially in helping the local school children by funding equipment and school uniforms as well as awarding scholarships and bursaries for tuition fees…



The Rimba Project is a 3 stage evolution process. At the first stage (in process), the combination of these 2 programmes allows the organisation to function as an auto-financed non-profit organisation (NPO) thanks to the profits generated by the ecotourism. Then, fund-raising and volunteering activities will reinforce the budget of the organisation permitting us to develop existing programmes on a larger scale and extend the scope of our missions.


plan financement


These following steps can only begin once the financial statement of the organisation demonstrates viability. In any case, our organisation is already active in the release of captive animals. We are also currently involved in talks with the relevant authorities about the physical protection of the marine and forest areas surrounding our site. And, the Rimba Association will soon submerge artificial reefs into the Muaro Duo Muaro Duo Bay.


At the end of each year, the Board of Directors of the Rimba Organisation will meet at the annual General Assembly in order to present the financial results of the past year and to define the budget allocated to the activities of the association for the next year. The annual accounts of the Rimba Association will be published on our website after each General Assembly.

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