For a sustainable tourism

Waste sorting

Organic wastes are composted

Glass beer bottles are refundable

Metal (cans, tinned goods…) is recycled by scrap merchants

1 incinerator with double combustion chamber (limits harmful emissions and quantity of residues)


All plastics (consumed by the ecolodge and brought in by sea) are collected and sorted by category :

  • PET (water bottles) is sold to a company that recycles it into new bottles.
  • The other plastics are entrusted to the Rimba non-profit organisation to be recycled into fuel. Find out more about this project here.


1 borehole of 6m + 1 pump connected to the electricity grid

2 retention ponds for rainwater in the forest

2 storage tanks of 1000L on the hill

The water returns by gravity to the buildings

Reduction of packaging

We make fresh and artisanal products our first choice

The other products are bought at wholesale

Plastic bags are reused

Architecture & Materials

We opted for a traditional architecture

The materials are not from deforestation (coconut wood, ruyung, bamboo, rattan)

The furniture comes from local crafts

The accomodation has a small size

Jobs & Partnerships

Create jobs

Establish partnerships

Enhance local handicraft products

Raise awareness about environmental issues