From Padang airport or town, the easiest way is to take a taxi to Bungus and stop at Tintin Homestay (from airport 1.30 hour/ from town 40min). You will then take a boat to the Rimba Ecolodge (40min – see prices below).

You can also come by public transport : from the airport take a white “Damri” bus which will drop you at Imam Bonjol Park. About 15 min walk, reach the central market of Padang (Pasar Raya) to take a blue minivan (angkot) with the inscription “Bungus Teluk Kabung” (15.000Rp per person + 1 bag). Ask the driver to stop you at Tintin Homestay.

To take the boat, contact us again 1 or 2 nights before your arrival to allow us a better management of the transfers by grouping the travellers, so that you can share the cost of boat transfer with them.

Please note that if you wish to arrive at Rimba the same day you arrive by plane, your flight must land in Padang no later than 2pm. For the way back, if you wish to take your flight the day of your departure from Rimba, it must take off at 11.30 am at the earliest. Otherwise, you will have to spend one night in Padang the night before your arrival at Rimba Ecolodge and/or before your return flight.

If you want a pickup from the airport please let us know in your reservation e-mail. Please write us your flight number and your arrival date and time. From the city, let us know the name of your hotel.


We try to reply e-mails everyday but because the internet connection is sometimes bad our reply might be delayed. Please be patient – we live in the jungle! :)

If you have no answer within 24 hours (don’t forget to also take into account the jet lag), you can send us a message via Whatsapp at +62 821 7082 6361.

In case you have sent us a booking request and you change your mind, please let us know by e-mail as well, makes our reservation procedures much easier.


We only accept cash payments in local currency (Rupiah). There are money changer upon arrival at the airport as well as an ATM.

Many ATM are available in the city. The last one you will find on your way to Rimba Ecolodge is 200m from Tintin Homestay where you will take the boat to Rimba. If you have not brought enough money with you, you will be able to make a withdrawal on the way back at this ATM and give the amount due to the captain of the boat who will give it to us.


Rates valid until 31 August 2024 !

You can consult the rates applicable from 1 September 2024 here

Although we provide free masks and snorkels, we advise you to bring your own equipment if you have the possibility. We do not have masks/snorkels suitable for children.


Lunch will be served at Rimba only if you take the boat no later than noon. If not, please plan to have lunch before coming to Rimba.

If your room was unoccupied before you, you will be able to move in as soon as you arrive. If the room was occupied before your arrival, you will be able to access it from 1.00pm.

If people have booked your room the day of your departure, we will ask you to leave it at 11.30 am to allow the staff to clean the room for the newcomers. If you leave Rimba after 11.30 am, you can drop your luggage off at the restaurant and use the shared bathrooms.


  • We provide sheets, blankets, pillows, shower towels (1 per person) and toilet paper.
  • We do not provide beach towels.
  • A laundry space is at your disposal for free. You will find basins, brushes and soap.
  • We offer a laundry service (60.000Rp per washing machine).
  • In the restaurant you will find a library (with possibility to exchange your books) and board games
  • Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant. See prices here.

Please refer to our website for more detailed information :