Entry requirements for Indonesia as of May 23, 2022

There is no more quarantine when arriving in Indonesia.

Since May 18, vaccinated travelers are no longer required to present a PCR test to enter Indonesia.

It is now possible to obtain the Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the international airports of Jakarta, Batam, Riau, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar, Manado and Lombok.

Padang has not yet reopened its international airport but it is possible to arrive with a domestic flight from Medan or Jakarta.

Domestic flights in Indonesia have resumed as normal and travel between regions/islands is possible.

Nationals of the following countries are authorized to apply for a tourist visa on arrival (VOA): England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia , Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, South Africa, Tunisia, Seychelles, Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Tawain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Timor Leste, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

The price of a 30-day visa is 500,000 Rp (about 35 euros). It is possible to extend the visa on the spot only once for an additional 30 days (also 500,000 Rp).

It is free for nationals of ASEAN countries: Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

To enter Indonesia, you will need to

  • Present a covid vaccination certificate (with English translation) for all travelers aged 18 and over with a minimum of 2 doses (or 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) for at least 14 days. Children under 18 are not required to be vaccinated.

    Travelers who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must be in possession of a certificate (in English) from a doctor from a public hospital in the country of departure

  • Have insurance covering Covid (minimum Singaporean $20,000 or about €13,300). You can buy Indonesian insurance for your trip through this website, the cost is about 30 euros and it also covers isolation costs in case of a positive test

  • Be eligible for visa on arrival or present a previously obtained B211A visa

  • Download and register on the PeduliLindungi app available on android or iphone and fill in the E-HAC health alert card in this application. You can also upload your vaccination certificate in this app or directly on the website. If you cannot fill in all the information, the airport staff will help you to do so on arrival

  • Before your departure, you can also fill in the customs declaration via this website or do it on arrival on the paper form

Travel within Indonesia

  • All travellers are required to wear a mask.

  • All travellers are required to use the “PeduliLindungi” tracking application.

  • For travel throughout the country and on all modes of transport (air, sea, land) public or private :

    • travelers who have received 2 or 3 doses of vaccine are no longer required to present a negative RT-PCR test or a non-reactive rapid antigen test;
    • travellers who have received 1 dose are required to present a non-reactive antigen test performed within 24 hours prior to departure OR a negative RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to departure;
    • Travellers who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are required to present a non-reactive antigen test performed within 24 hours prior to departure OR a negative RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to departure AND a certificate from a doctor in a public hospital;
    • children under 6 years of age travelling with a vaccinated adult are exempt from the requirement to present an RT-PCR or antigenic test, but must follow a strict health protocol;