Following the example of the huts, our restaurant is built on concrete stilts, using the same materials for the structure as for the furniture. It is set as a large covered terrace that faces the Indian Ocean. On top of the usual amenities, our restaurant has 2 small lounges, a hammock, a library, a collection of board games (chess, cards, dominoes, scrabble…) and a shop.
We cook Indonesian and local dishes served with rice and accompanied by vegetables, tofu, seafood, chicken, eggs, noodles, tropical fruits… The restaurant offers a fixed menu for lunch and dinner which is always made up of several dishes served separately following the Indonesian tradition. This way of serving is ideal for vegetarians and satisfies everyone’s tastes. And if you feel like it, we would love to share with you an evening on the beach, around the fire, guitar in hand, grilled fish on the plate !

Thermos flasks of hot water, tea, coffee as well as a water canister are available at will. The water comes from the filling stations of Bungus or the village of Sungai Pisang using a reverse osmosis filtration system to purify water.

Our restaurant also offers a large selection of drinks (beers, sodas, fruit juices, cappuccino…) and sweet or salty snacks (french fries, local crisps, banana donuts…).