To make your holidays easier, we offer to you several services.

  • Loan of masks/snorkels

    In order not to damage the surrounding corals we don’t lend fins, but with the low currents you’ll have no trouble swimming without.

  • Rental car (with driver)

    In order to facilitate your trip or if you come with children, we can provide you a car with driver from the airport or Padang to the pier of Sungai Pisang village. It takes about 1.30 hours from Padang and 2 hours from the airport. To do this, let us know no later than 1 day before your arrival (you will find our contact details in the Contact section).

  • Laundry

    You have the ability to do your own laundry in the washing place. This space is shared with the Rimba Ecolodge team and allows to make this chore more user-friendly. If you still prefer relaxing in your hammock, we can free yourself from this task.

  • Shop

    Your toothpaste is empty ? No problem, we sell hygiene and comfort products (soap, shampoo, detergent, tissues …). As part of the establishment of partnerships for the development and enhancement of products coming from local handicrafts, we also offer the sale of souvenirs created by the villagers of Sungai Pinang and Sungai Pisang and also spices and coffee from the work of small local producers.

  • Sale of drinks and snacks

    Our restaurant offers a wide selection of drinks (sodas, juices, beer, arak, ice tea, cappuccino…) as well as sweet and savory snacks (french fries, crisps and local donuts…). The savory snacks that we offer are made traditionally by villagers of Sungai Pinang and Sungai Pisang.

  • Phone/Internet

    A bit changeable, but the local telephone network (Telkomsel only) is present on our site. You will just have to get settled on the beach where the signal is better. We also have Wifi access available in the restaurant, but the connection only allows the use of light applications (whatsapp, messenger …) and access to your mailbox if you have a little patience.

  • Money

    The nearest ATM are located in the city of Bungus, but beware, there are often out of sevice or empty (only the ATM located in front of Tintin Homestay accepts both Mastercards and Visas). We recommend you to withdraw your money in one of the many ATM in Padang (BNI accept all cards and allows withdrawals up to 2 millions Rupiah in one go). If you arrive by plane, you can change your currency into Rupiah in a foreign exchange counter at airport. In town you will find the best exchange rate in one of the many jewelry shops (ask Toko Emas) installed in the covered market of Padang (Pasar Raya).