Make a financial donation

The Rimba Organization depends on your generosity to carry out its activities. Your support is essential to help us sustain our actions, but also to develop new projects.
If you subscribe to the monthly donation for a minimum of 5€, you become automatically a member and you are exempt from the subscription. You will receive a member card by email (for payments by bank wire, contact us to provide us with your email address). This card allows you to participate in the Annual General Meetings and gives you a right to vote. You will also be automatically subscribed to the Rimba newsletter. You can suspend your levies by simple written request (mail or email) to Rimba.
Déduisez votre don de vos impôts !
If you live in the European Economic Area, you can get tax benefits related to your donation, under certain conditions laid down by your country.

So don’t forget to send us your email to receive your tax receipt, and in the case of a monthly donation, your membership card and the newsletter.

Your donations are used for

Operating costs : travel expenses (fuel, vehicle maintenance …), logistics, purchase of materials and equipment (cages, staff equipment, veterinary fees and equipment…), medical expenses of employees, wages for external contributors, administrative costs, promotion of the organization…

Missions : purchase of school supplies,  equipment for waste management in villages, salaries and equipment for forest rangers, signage for nature reserves, all the materials and equipment necessary for the implementation of our actions…

By bank wire
(single or monthly donation)
(single or monthly donation)

Via the HelloAsso secure payment platform (no fee: 100% of the donation is donated to Rimba)

Make a materiel donation

When you come to Rimba Ecolodge, you can participate in our schooling assistance program for children by donating school supplies. These supplies are given every year to more than 500 kids from Sungai Pisang and Sungai Pinang Primary Schools, 2 partner villages of our project.

Why is it better to buy supplies locally?

  • because I help local businesses,
  • because with the same amount, I will be able to buy 5 to 10 times more school supplies in Indonesia,
  • because I avoid overloading my suitcase during my trip.

List of supplies needed

  • Black pens                  ⇒ 10 € = 120 pieces
  • Pencils                         ⇒ 10 € = 270 pieces
  • Rulers 30cm               ⇒ 10 € = 85 pieces
  • Eraser                          ⇒ 10 € = 300 pieces
  • Pencil sharpeners     ⇒ 10 € = 270 pieces

Our association also needs : office equipment (laptop, printer, usb keys …) or any other material whose team might need to carry out their missions (walkie-talkie, GPS, binoculars, camera…).

Become a partner

Web Partnership

Company, organization or private individual, you own a website or a blog that addresses the themes of ecology, fair trade, eco-tourism… Contact us to establish a web partnership through an exchange of link or banner !
Corporate Sponsorship

Do you want to integrate your company into a sustainable development approach ? We offer you to join us in helping us realize our projects. If your company has been set up in the European Economic Area, you can get tax benefits related to your donation (under certain conditions laid down by your country) and involve the image of your company to a social and environmental project contribution.

Become a volunteer

If you are traveling in our area and if you are a doctor, nurse, or English teacher, we can during your visit, create events in neighboring villages involving your skills. It’s possible for example to organize one day free consultations for children, visit sick people at home, or give English lessons at school as an external stakeholder… or any other proposal (warn us in advance so that we have time to organize interventions).
We are also looking for a graphic designer to help us create designs for by-products that will be sold in favour of our organization.
Botanists, naturalists, entomologists, marine biologists… you are welcome in our organization to help us improve our wildlife inventory, but also for all scientific projects related to marine and forest ecosystems and requiring field of study.
You have knowledge in the fields that our association broach : coral restoration, wildlife protection, animal care, waste managment… Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and skills with us !
Warning : please note that we don’t yet offer volunteer internship on the field. If you’re lucky and your stay at Rimba Ecolodge coincides with one of our action campaigns as part of the organization, of course you will be able to join us and participate !